The new age has brought about a need to integrate different AV applications and networking. This is my one page for all of this information. This includes rebroadcasting Zoom to Youtube and Twitch and sharing Ableton Live to Twitch and Youtube.

What I learned today

In an attempt to solve various needs, I’ve been looking into “systems integration” of established tools like Zoom, OBS and Ableton Live.

  1. OBS – Ok, so, OBS is ok, but the Streaminglabs OBS solves a ton of issues. It has its own issues, but the features outway the problems.
  2. Hardware requirements – a “Macbook i5″ is not fast enough to run OBS (with desktop capture, webcam capture and audio). The 2012 13” Macbook 2.9GHz i7 is fast enough. 
  3. AuNetSend – This works well over a local network to send audio from, say, Ableton Live to a second computer. Note that both machines should not be on WIFI. One on WIFI works fine.
  4. AuLab – To route audio from AuNetRecv into OBS, you’ll need some lightweight audio app. AuLab is the lightest and most flexible. Get version “Additional Tools for Xcode” – version 10 (for OS X 10.13) or version 11 (for 10.14+) here –
  5. Audio Capture – any of these will work – Soundflower, iShow Audio Capture or ZoomAudioDevice. 
  6. Audio routing – Setup Ableton Live with an AuNetSend plugin on the host. Setup the steaming computer with AuLab and AuNetRcv. Set the AuLab output to the Audio Capture Device. Set OBS to input from that device with monitoring on (so you can hear it).
  7. Desktop – Use RDP to share the desktop of the host to the streaming computer. 
  8. Sync – Desktop video and audio may not be in sync. AuLab supports Audio Unit delay. But, Apple’s plugins only support delay up to 100ms. Get the Soundhack ‘++Delay’ for longer delays.
  9. Twitch – Streaming from Streamlabs OBS to Twitch is straightforward. Note that uploading recordings requires an “affiliate” account
  10. Youtube – To stream live takes 24 hours to setup. Upload is immediate.


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