Part of the TrevoScrub seriesbecause, sometimes you just need a good scrubbing.

TrevoScrub-Words is one of the TrevoScrub Max for Live plugins that will run in Ableton Live, in Max 7 or as an OS X application. It is a scrubber for language-centric audio files and comes bundled with a variety of words to help build interesting textures. It is useful for creating illusory sound design, such as ‘Phantom Words’ (a discovery by Diana Deutsch). A 2-syllable word or 2-word phrased is played. The syllable or word alternates between the left and right channel. When one syllable plays in one channel the other plays in the other channel.


Load one of the examples or drag and drop an audio file onto the bottom part of the window. Adjust with loop start and end (either by chaning the numbers or dragging in the waveform window). Click “Play” or “Pause” to start and stop playback. The first part of the loop is played in the left channel while the second half is played in the right channel.

Capture and Record:

Click the “Capture” button to capture up to 10-seconds of live input (say, from a microphone). Click the “Record” button to record a session (say, 20-seconds with a 5-second fade in and fade out). Adjust the fade and record time. The examples on Diana Deutsch’s CDs use 10-second fades with a 120-second record time (including the fades).


You have control over the loop (when turned “on”, the sample will continue to play), the stretch (when turned “on”, the speed will stretch and compress), and the echo level (set to 100% for equal volume). Use the output volume and channel enable buttons to listen to one channel independently. You can load example Phantom Words by browsing to the supplied folder, than choosing from the pulldown menu. The echo timing will automatically be adjusted. Use the “Normalize” feature to bring the volume up to full-scale.


Use the mouse in the waveform window to adjust the loop and move/zoom. Click-and-drag up and down for a larger loop, left and right for move the loop. Use the “select all” button to selec the entire file or 10-second capture.

Key commands:

Use the space-bar to start and stop and the “L” and “R” keys to toggle the left and right enable buttons.


The Max 7 and standalone versions are identical. The Max for Live plugin takes it’s audio input and output from the track. There is no connection to Max or Ableton Live transport.


By T. Henthorn 2017.
Series: TrevoScrub (also available: TrevoClowder, TrevoXamp)
Source: Music_and_Art_Project/TrevoScrub/TrevoScrub-Words/
References: For Phantom Words, see



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