Part of the TrevoScrub series – since sometimes you just need a good scrubbing.

TrevoScrub-FoldorScrubher is one of the TrevoScrub Max for Live plugins that will run in Ableton Live with optional Push control. TrevoScrub-FoldorScrubher uses the same scrubbing engine at TrevoScrub-TxT and its a key component in the TrevoClowder-CloudSeeding integrated project. The system provides extreme modulation and manipulation of a folder of audio files. When the files in the folder change, you can trigger a reload of the file list from MIDI. This allows you to schedule when a reload occurs, but maintain which file in the list is assigned to an instance of the plugin. It pairs well with the TrevoScrub-TxT and is useful for creating text-based compositions, illusory sound design, vocal transformations and chaotic sonic textures, especially with audio collections that change. For an interesting effect, create several tracks, all with TrevoScrub-FoldorScrubher, all using the same audio file folder. Set track 1 to use audio file 1, track 2 file 2, etc. Then as the Set plays, add files to the folder.



No externals are required to run this plugin.  

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