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TrevoCon-Clock is a Max for Live plugin and standalone Max 7 application for “stopwatch” style network clock synchronization. The TrevoCon-Clock.amxd M4L plugin runs inside of Ableton Live. The TrevoCon-Clock standalone application has been tested on OS X 10.10.5 through 10.4.6. Use one TrevoCon-Clock locally to control a clock on a “remote” computer. The M4L and Application versions are interchangeable (e.g. use Ableton to control a standalone). The system uses UDP ports to send control with near-zero-latency. Note that the chosen UDP port must be available and not blocked by any firewall. Ports in the range of 7400 should work on most networks.




No externals are required to run this plugin. Place the TrevoCon-Clock plugin on a MIDI track or unzip and run the application.

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