Want to get rid of the Vuvuzela noise? How about de-noising?

Here is a recording of an announer trying to provide commentary over the Vuvuzela drone:

Vuvuzela MP3 1. Original Recording (MP3)


Below is a spectral plot of a section of the actual Vuvuzela drone from June 14th. Yes, it's close to B-flat, but but you'll see that the harmonics are not quite 235 Hz and 465 Hz. You can do a little better with 233.5 Hz, 464 Hz, 694 Hz and 1154 Hz. The higher harmonics are insignificant.

Vuvuzela Spectrum


We can apply the following filter to notch out 5 bands. The McDSP NF575 works well since it allows for 40dB attenuation per band.

Vuvuzela MP3 2. Filtered version (MP3)


Vuvuzela Filter


Of course we can use use Broadband Noise Reduction to try to pull out the drone. Here is an extreme example of that:

Vuvuzela MP3 3. Broadband Noise Reduction extreme version (MP3)


Broadband Noise Reduction


By pulling the Vuvuzela drone in stereo and the announcer in mono, we can use some intelligence with the sound field to first provide higher attenuation filtering to the stereo drone, then the denoise the remainer.

Vuvuzela MP3 4. Sound Field Filtered and De-Noised (MP3)

Lastly, with a few tweaks to the sound field, filter and BNR, we can all but remove the Vuvuzela!

Vuvuzela MP3 5. Better Sound Field Filtered and De-Noised (MP3)

Now, listen to a stippet of all 5 clips:

Vuvuzela MP3 6. All 5 Vuvuzela clips compared (MP3)

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